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are the three pillars my work is built on


To bring you into your potential so you can GLOW

I have come to an understanding that self confidence comes from self knowledge. Through my struggles and peaceful episodes of my life I was able to generate a deep connection to me, my needs, values and strengths and how to express them to the world.

Digging out my purpose was necessary to overcome my limitations and see with clarity how I want to design my life.

I have established healthy routines for self-care and self-love and from that place I intend to generate a spark of empowerment to others. In my role as a coach or/and creative designer I am helping others to shine again and create their positive and unique impact to this world.

I give you the safe space you need to gain new insights and perspectives so you can create what you need to maximise your own purpose.

When you step into that purpose you will GLOW and you will know and feel when this is true for you.



What I bring to the table



Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to illuminate the world.

Janne Hauss - Coach for female empowerment and Art Director for Visual Identities for Coaches

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